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MET Laboratories, Inc., is one of the world's leading laboratories for the testing and certification of electronic and electrical products. We are a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and have been in business for over 50 years.

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Current Positions:

Baltimore, MD
  Accounts Receivable
  Inside Sales Associates
  Electrical Engineer (entry level) – Product Safety Field
  Electrical Engineer (entry level) – Wireless EMC Group
  Mechanical Engineer (entry level) – Environmental Simulations Lab

Project Coordinator

Union City; Santa Clara, California
  Electrical Engineer (entry) - California
  Entry Level Electrical Engineer – Product Safety Lab
  Medical Equipment Product Safety Engineers
Austin, Texas
  Hazardous Location Equipment Product Safety Engineer (experienced)
  Inside Sales Associate (entry level)

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From MET's anonymous 2014 Employee Survey:

My manager is approachable, personable, and an excellent example of work ethics. I've never been afraid to ask questions.

It’s extremely rare to find a job that you love, where people treat you like family.

The technical staff that we have in our Lab is really knowledgeable and helpful.  The information that I require to do my job is readily available to me.

Whenever I go above my job requirements, it is recognized.

MET is an excellent place to work.  I think it’s a stable environment with a great team to support each other.  We work as a tight team and it’s great to know I can really count on most of my colleagues for their support and provide excellent customer service to customers.

I think MET is a great environment; the benefits are good and the policies are fair.

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