Electricity Meter Certification Program

How does your company know that the electricity meters you are going to purchase and install are safe, reliable and accurate?

With the emergence of the smart grid and the rise of advanced metering, new communications technologies, new standards, increased meter data, energy-efficiency imperatives, end-customer issues and new component solutions; the way meter systems are architected, designed, styled, packaged and manufactured can vary greatly.

The solution to all of these potential problems is the MET Meter Certification Program.

The purpose of this program is to ensure accuracy, reliability and safety of watt-hour meters in homes and business throughout America. Independent testing ensures that all meters are subject to the same standards and requirements.

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Verify the proper performance and accuracy of electricity meters in accordance to ANSI C12 requirements. Ensure that RF devices and AMI components do not adversely affect the accuracy of the meter under environmental or fluctuating voltage conditions.

Verify meter accuracy at the full temperature and external environment requirements of ANSI standards. Testing includes extreme temperature, humidity, salt-fog, UV, lightning surges, and vibration.

Product Safety

MET is OSHA approved to test and certify watthour meters to UL 61010 for the US Marketplace.

MET is also approved by the Standards Council of Canada for standard CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1.

Surge Testing

Surge capabilities range from 208VAC, 32A to 408VAC 32A, meeting European standard EN 62052-11 requirements.

ANSI C62.41 IEEE lightning surge immunity testing up to 20kV/10kA.

ANSI C37.90.1:1989, IEEE standard surge withstand capability tests for protective relays and relay systems.

ANSI C37.90.1:2002, IEEE standard surge withstand capability tests for relays and relay systems associated with electric power apparatus.

Electromagnetic Compatibility / Wireless

Tests in accordance with ANSI C12.1 criteria including Electrical Fast Transients, Electrostatic Discharge, radiated immunity, surge and voltage dips.

Radiated emissions testing in accordance to FCC part 15 as specified in ANSI C12.1.

Regulatory compliance testing of licensed and unlicensed wireless components and devices.

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Customer Testimonials 

"On behalf of Quadlogic I want to heartily thank MET labs for the fine work on the ANSI certification for New York State of our MC5N [metering] product. This is our flagship product. I believe that everyone would agree that your [unnamed engineer] truly stands out. During the pre-test and consulting phase of the project, Quadlogic's technical team spent countless hours studying EMC issues alongside him. He worked early mornings, late nights, and weekends. He enabled us to make our deadline. During all phases of the project, he was highly professional, intelligent, creative, and indispensable. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship of testing for both the U.S. and Mexico."

Sayre Swarztrauber

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