Military EMC Testing

MET's Military EMC Testing capabilities and experience are unmatched in North America.  On both coasts, MET Labs performs 200 V/m Radiated Immunity test requirements per MIL-STD-461 and RTCA DO-160 in-house.

MET Laboratories provides accurate and repeatable military EMC test results due to:

  • Knowledgable and experienced personnel following a well-designed process
  • The use of "State-of-the-Art" test equipment

Every test engineer at MET Laboratories utilizes the latest in advanced test equipment: RF Shielded enclosures, Digital Phosphorus Oscilloscopes, Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Generators, High Power RF Amplifiers (200V/m), Rhode & Swartz and Agilent PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers, Transient Generators, Power Generators, Test Antenna Systems, and Environmental Simulation Test Equipment.

MET has designed and constructed custom Hemholtz Coils for magnetic immunity testing. The system is capable of generating magnetic fields from DC to 100kHz in excess of 180 dBpT. These fields exceed requirements for Army/Navy RS101, DoD-STD 1399 (pt.070), RTCA DO-160 and various ANSI and European specifications.

This equipment is utilized in our 3 meter, 5 meter and 10 meter ambient-free chambers on both coasts.  MET also utilizes a state-of-the-art reverberation chamber that generates 27,000 V/m from 80 MHz to 18 GHz.

Following are the military EMC tests that MET Labs is accredited to perform for top military defense contractors:

MIL-STD-461/462 including all test methods: 

  • Conducted emissions: CE101, CE102, CE106
  • Conducted susceptibility: CS101, CS103, CS104, CS105, CS106 CS109, CS114, CS115, CS116
  • Radiated emissions: RE101, RE102, RE103 (up to 40 GHz)
  • Radiated susceptibility: RS101, RS103 (200 V/m up to 40 GHz), RS105 (50,000 V/m)

Note: MIL-STD-461 emission test limits are 20 times more stringent than FCC limits, and as a result, can be difficult for manufactures to obtain MIL-STD compliance. If needed for EMC compliance, our Test Engineers, who are skilled at debugging, can offer ‘real-time’ technical assistance to modify your product's electrical or mechanical interface to meet the stringent emission or susceptibility MIL-STD test limits. 

MIL-STD-704 – Requirements and characteristics of aircraft electric power provided at the input terminals of electric utilization equipment

MIL-HDBK-704-1 through -8 defines test methods and procedures for determining airborne utilization equipment compliance with the electric power characteristics requirements defined herein.

MIL-STD-1275 - Limits of steady state and transient voltage characteristics 28 VDC electrical power systems for military ground vehicles

MIL-STD-1399 Section 070 & 300 – Standard interface requirements for and the constraints on the design for shipboard user equipment utilizing shipboard alternating current (AC) electrical power.

MIL-PRF-28800 - General requirements for test equipment used in testing and calibrating electrical and electronic equipment.

Commercial Aircraft Equipment testing for RTCA, Boeing & Airbus.

Special NASA DoD standards

Military Shielding Effectiveness

MIL-PRF-28876 – Fiber Optic Connector Assembly Shielding Effectiveness

MIL-PRF-85045 – Fiber Optic Cabling Shielding Effectiveness

MIL-DTL-83526  - Connectors, Fiber Optic, Circular, Environmental Resistant, Hermaphroditic, General Specification for FSC: 6060

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I really appreciate the extra effort to complete this testing and LOC so quickly. This LOC allows me to meet my commitments to my customer and get my report out on time. It is very important to me and my customer because it then allows hardware to fly. Thank you for the weekend and overtime work. You team’s professionalism and sense of urgency is outstanding.
Chris Brito
L-3 Randtron Antenna Systems

Data Item Description (DID) Documentation

MIL testing RTC106

Being that the majority of MET Laboratories Military EMC customers sell their products to the government, the Procuring Activity (end-user), often requires detailed written documentation to support contractual requirements between the ‘Seller’ and the ‘Buyer’. Right from the DI-EMCS-802xx Data Item Description (DID) document, it prescribes the Test Plan/Report requirement for the test data, the format, and all information necessary to document compliance of a component, system, or subsystem within its electromagnetic interference (EMI) test requirement. The following outlines the DID documentation requirement for Test Labs to adhere to:

DID EMI Test Plan (EMITP):

  • Introduction, administrative data, and referenced documents
  • Product information detailing functions, cabling, layout, grounding, and test settings
  • Test Site description - Test Chamber info
  • Test Equipment information (i.e. factors, settings, automation operation description/version, 'predicted' selection, calibration info)
  • Step-by-Step measurement procedures, block diagrams, computation explanation
  • Established test limits and approved DID format

DID EMI Test Report (EMITR):

  • Executive Summary, administrative info, and referenced documents
  • Product description, detailing functions, configuration, cabling, layout, grounding, modifications made (if any) and test settings
  • Tabular Test Data, Graphical Test Data, and Test Setup photographs
  • Test Engineer Log
  • Red-line Changes to document all EMITP differences
  • Approved EMITP-bonded as Appendix (if applicable)
  • Established test limits using approved DID format

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We chose to work with MET Laboratories because MET offered the ‘lunchtime review’ and technical consultations that went above and beyond the standard testing offered by laboratories that were much closer to us geographically.  We spent hours at MET working with your engineers and REALLY appreciated the time and effort that these MET experts put into helping us get our system compliant.  With their assistance, we were able to pass MIL-STD-461 and ultimately see our Maxa Beam Crew-Served Weapons Light system officially placed on the Army’s Common Table of Allowance.
Annie McManus, Director of Sales & Marketing
Peak Beam Systems, Inc.
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