Application Level Events

Application Level Events (ALE 1.1) Conformance Testing Notes

The purpose of Application Level Events (ALE 1.1) Conformance Testing Notes is to provide vendors seeking ALE 1.1 Certification additional information about test-data and test procedures.

Although the test harness has been validated during beta-testing there may be issues discovered with the test harness, conformance requirements, or the specification. These issues are not expected to be major.

The issues that pertain to Conformance Requirements or the Specification will always be submitted to the F&C Working Group for resolution. While they are being resolved, this document will provide guidance on how they will be tested in the interim. It is expected that vendors will re-test their products (at no cost) if the F&C WG decides on different solution then the interim one.

The primary basis for ALE 1.1 certification is the ALE 1.1 Conformance Requirements document is available at for EPCglobal subscribers. These notes elaborate on some test-data and test-procedures as used by MET Laboratories for various ALE 1.1 Test Case Requirements (TCRs). Vendors should also consult ALE 1.1 Test Harness User Guide prior to undertaking the certification testing, and will be available from MET Labs when the application begins.

Notes on Test Data

TCR-R8 (step 8):

The current Test-Harness expects the Tag with ID urn:epc:tag:sgtin-96:0.1234567.123456.111. This Tag does not support killPwd. Hence the Test-Harness expects it to be filtered away.

However according to ALE 1.1, section 8.2.7, line 2462ff, the tag has to pass the filter when accessing the field fails. Section 8.2.7 line no. 2439 - 2443 states - If the includeExclude parameter of an ECFilterListMember is EXCLUDE, then the Tag passes the test if and only if accessing the field causes a “field not found” or “operation not possible” condition or the value of the field does not match any pattern specified in the ECFilterListMember instance.

It is not clear whether the tag should be reported in this case or not. Section 5.4.3, line no. 1195 states: If the field was included in an ECFilterSpec, it causes the Tag to be omitted from the event cycle.

Status: Submitted to F&C Work Group for clarification.


The conformance test will use the IATA AFI hex-value – C1 – as the exclude filter
for the AFI field.

TCR-T2, TCR-T3 and TCR-R5:

In order to define a TMSpec with TMVariableFieldListSpec, two valid OID strings
(i.e. object identifiers that refer to ISO 15692 data sets) are required.

The following OID strings will be used:

  • urn:oid:1.0.15961.12.11 (IATA baggage tag "passenger name")

  • urn:oid:1.0.15961.12.10 (IATA baggage tag "record locator")

Notes on Test Procedures

TCR-R3, step 14:

A difference between the ALE 1.1 Standards document and the Conformance Requirements document on the type of exception to be thrown: The standard expects DuplicateSubscriptionException, while the Conformance Requirements expects DuplicateSubscriberException. MET Labs will be testing according to the Standards while the EPCglobal F&C Work Group resolves.

Status: submitted to F&C Work Group for clarification.


MET Labs will register and provide ever test-participant with a unique callback url for TCR-R4 using HTTP binding.


The ECSpec sent does not specify a stopping condition per the ALE specification
(page 87, line 2180). Hence the termination condition will be defined to be
DURATION, and the duration value will be defined as 2000 MS.

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