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Korea RRA Replaces KCC Mark with KC Mark for Product Labeling

EMC & Product Safety Groups Unite for Discussion of NEBS Testing

Doomsday Plane's Immunity to Electromagnetic Pulse Determined via RS105 Testing

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Ask Pat:

Q1: Why are acrylic tables used for EMC testing?
Q2: We have to replicate an on site electrical test according to CEI EN 61010-1 annex F.

Q: I saw a picture of an acrylic table on MET's Facebook page.  I've seen other test houses use wooden tables in their emissions chamber, and I was interested to see why MET invests in these custom tables.
-Barry, London, Ontario

A: The FCC requires that EMC labs use test tables with a low dielectric constant. All MET EMC labs employ acrylic test tables for their high frequency testing. Acrylic has a very low dielectric constant at high frequencies and does not cause loss as with a wood table. Additionally, wooden tables are known to absorb moisture, which can cause a level of attenuation of the measurements.

Q:We have to replicate an on-site electrical test according to CEI EN 61010-1 annex F. Generally they are Rpe, limit <0.100Ω ULN, limit 253.0 V ICDI.NC, limit <0.500 mA ICDI.SF limit <03.50 mA. The difficulty we are facing is concerning the fact that this model is supplied with 12 Vdc, 30W, so doing it with an automatic safety tester will be a problem. Any support is welcome thanks and regards.
-Emiliano, Orte, Italy

A: The routine test required by the Annex F of CEI EN 61010-1 applies to products that have both HAZARDOUS LIVE parts and ACCESSIBLE conductive parts. The test that requires applying a potential is only done to products with mains circuit terminals or to products with input or output terminals that may become HAZARDOUS LIVE in NORMAL USE. The value to be applied is based on the WORKING VOLTAGE of the circuit to be tested and not necessarily on the operating voltage of the product. Unless the product to be tested has mains circuit terminals or connects to other equipment or circuits that may lead to HAZARDOUS LIVE voltages that are accessible, the test may not be required. In any case, for a product that has no mains circuits or that has input or output terminals, it may not be possible to use an automatic safety tester for anything other than protective earth testing. I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the tester for specific instruction. You might wish to contact the manufacturer of the product in question for advice too. The words in upper case are as they appear in EN 60101-1 and are defined in that standard.

Ask your own question of Pat, MET's compliance expert.

Hearing from our customers is a very important and necessary component to improving our service. Please feel free to pass on your comments, good and bad, by emailing us at info@metlabs.com.

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In this issue:


MET's Link to Final Atlantis Shuttle Flight
Earlier this year MET Labs performed a series of vibration tests for ATK Space and Goddard Space Flight Center on a number of robotic tools and adapters that were developed for a demonstration to be performed on the International Space Station.
The articles that MET Labs tested were launched on the space shuttle Atlantis on June 8, 2011 and were delivered onto the International Space Station on July 12.

Korea Revises Certification Mark
As of July 1, 2011, the Korean KC mark indicates compliance to safety and EMC requirements, replacing the former KCC mark for safety only.
Also, on July 1, 2011, the range of Radiated Susceptibility testing in KN301-489(EMS TEST) will be widened to 2.7GHz. Information and Communication Equipment, however will still be tested below 1GHz, the

same as before. As of January 1, 2012, Radiated Emission testing for ITE is required above 1GHz up to 6 GHz.

Read more about changes in Korean Certification in our Blog.

Asia Wrap Up

MET Korea has recently completed office remodeling and has added new personnel. The team is now well positioned to meet the growing client base of Korean manufacturers seeking MET NRTL product safety certification.

MET China has reported a significant uptick in number of jobs requesting MET's ENERGY STAR®CB (Certification Body) services. Acer and MSi have both placed large open orders with MET Taiwan for their PCs, and ASUS has just signed on.

Emitel, a MET CBTL in China, has recently announced a 1-month promotion for NRTL+CB Certification Services for IT and AV products.  Pricing starting from $4800. Interested parties should email MET China as soon as possible to take advantage of this offer.

More about MET's Asia/Pacific Certification Services

MET Participates in 'Here I Am' Testing
MET Labs is actively participating in a pilot program to develop, test and certify vehicle-based short range data communications (SRDC) devices. These devices, installed in cars, will help avoid collisions and process data from road signs, satellites and tolls. They operate at 5.9 GHz.
This initiative is driven by the US Dept. of Transportation (US DoT). MET is part of a consortium, OmniAir, that has won a contract to develop the program. MET's role is to develop test methods, qualify test tools, perform testing and certify HIA devices.
More about MET's RFID Testing Services.

Intrinsically Safe Smartphone Certified by MET
MET recently certified an Airo Wireless smartphone to UL913 for explosive hazardous environments. The handset is similar to an iPhone or Blackberry, but it is ruggedized to be intrinsically safe.

MET is accredited to NRTL certify products in over 180 UL Standard categories and can test to an additional 230+ standards.

Learn more about MET's HazLoc Testing Services

MET's Online Certified Product Directory
Verification of a product's listing status is possible through the use of MET's online certified product database. The linking graphic shown below is found on our product safety certification webpage. Click and you will be taken to the Directory, where entering either the applicant name or listing number will yield the associated certified products. The directory is both a useful sales tool for our customers and a resource for electrical inspection agencies wishing to confirm listing status.


MET Annual Mid-Atlantic Customer Appreciation Event Crab Feast and Day of Seminars - July 21

Learn more and register.
  MET's annual Mid-Atlantic Customer Appreciation Event will again present a full day of informative seminars, featuring guest presenters Mark Heavens, with UK partner TRaC to speak on ATEX and Global Wireless Approvals, Dr. Craig Hillman from DfR Solutions to speak on Reliability and Safety in IT Equipment, and Kerry Keksz of Core Source Technologies to speak on Creating a Well-Executed Compliance Testing Program.

Upcoming Webinars

HALT Testing Effectively
August 3, 2011
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Telecom Interface Testing
August 9, 2011
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Learn more about MET's upcoming events.

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IEEE International Symposium on EMC
August 14-19, 2011
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Maryland Clean Energy Summit 2011
August 25-27, 2011
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Bethesda, MD

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