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Health Canada Provides Guidance on IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Transition

FCC Issues Draft Revisions for RF Exposure & SAR Compliance

ENERGY STAR Merges Lighting Scopes into New Luminaires & Lamps Specifications

CE Compliance Testing Delays Launch of Raspberry Pi Mini PC

KCC & MKE Change EMC, SAR & Product Safety Regulations in South Korea

RCM Labeling of Electrical Products in Australia & New Zealand to Coincide with New EESS Safety Requirement
Ask Pat:

Q1: IEC 60950-1 art 1.7.1 require that manufacturer's name, or trade-mark...

Q2: Are certification bodies (CBs) required by ISO Guide 65 to certify every product attribute identified in ENERGY STAR specifications?

Q3: I am going to be buying an electric massage chair with heat to sell in my store and online.

Q: IEC 60950-1 art 1.7.1 requires that the manufacturer's name, or trade-mark or identification mark to be written on the product. What would be an acceptable identification mark (e.g. product number)?
-Edmond, Montreal, QC

A: MET handles this requirement, specifically the identification mark, with the use of our listing number, identified on our website that links back to the manufacturer. The overall concept of this clause is that the user will be able to link the product to its manufacturer in some way. Product number would likely not work as 60950-1 requires “manufacturer’s model identification or type reference;” in addition to the name, trade-mark or identification mark.

Q: Are certification bodies (CBs) required by ISO Guide 65 to certify every product attribute identified in ENERGY STAR specifications?
-Trina, New Orleans, LA

A: EPA is solely responsible for identifying the criteria that products must be certified against to earn the ENERGY STAR label. CBs are not required to certify every attribute that is included in the specification. Some product specifications include attributes that are not required to be tested for or reviewed by CBs. In those cases, EPA provides clear direction to CBs which attributes should be certified and which should not. This direction is included in the specification itself or in other product-specific documentation. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), an accreditation body that assesses CBs, provided EPA a letter clarifying that ISO Guide 65 allows the Agency to define relevant product criteria and pass this direction on to CBs.

Q: I am going to be buying an electric massage chair with heat to sell in my store and online. The chair has 8 low voltage vibrating buttons located through the chair and also has a heating option. It has a detachable control and a detachable AC adapter. I asked the supplier if the product was UL listed and they told me because the voltage was low and that the AC adapter was detachable that testing is only on the AC adapter. Does this sound correct? I have always been under the assumption that electric products should be UL listed. -Jesse, El Paso, TX

A: This product likely falls within the scope of UL 1647. UL 1647 addresses many different potential hazards including electrical shock, electric energy, heat, fire and mechanical hazards. The use of an off-the-shelf listed power adaptor may negate the concern for electrical shock and fire but there is no guarantee; it often depends on the level of certification and the ratings of the adaptor too. Further, there is no assurance that heat or mechanical hazards are non-existent just by using a listed adaptor.

Beyond safety regulatory agencies such as OSHA, it is retailers such as yourself and buyers or insurance underwriters that may require certification of an electrical product. There is no clear rule as to when a product supplied with a power adaptor does not itself require certification. In summary, there is no assurance that by using an external power adaptor that electrical shock or energy hazards, or fire hazards are reduced or eliminated. There is also no assurance that heat and mechanical hazards are negated in the end product by use of the power adaptor.

UL 1647 addresses more hazards than just those associated with electricity but there is no single law to point to that requires compliance with this standard. It is often a matter of what the competition is doing, who is buying the product, where it will be sold and so on.

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In this issue:

Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing Now Offered by MET
MET is now providing OTA performance testing in a CTIA approved fully anechoic chamber.
  • Testing to CTIA test Plan
  • 2D and 3D antenna measurements
  • Multiple protocol capabilities
More about Over-the-Air Performance Testing.

Telecom Lab Goes Global with Significant Upgrade
MET's recent purchase of the TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer provides:
  • Compliance testing to all major world standards.
  • Simulation and analysis of analog, digital (T1/E1) and VoIP signals, conditions and messages used in all telecom networks.
  More about MET's Telecom Testing Services.

ENERGY STAR® Certification Body Scope Expansion
MET recently earned an upgrade to its EPA ENERGY STAR CB recognition to include:
  • Luminaires (including sub-components)
  • Integral LED Lamps
  • Set-Top Boxes and Cable Boxes

Learn more about MET's ENERGY STAR® services.

MET's RFID & Medical Device Testing in the Press
  Ted Osinski, MET's Director of RFID Programs, contributed an article to MEDS, entitled: "Can Medical Devices and RFID Peacefully Coexist?" The article explores the potential adverse effects of RFID emissions on electrical medical devices.
More on MET's RFID testing and certification services.

MET's Big on the Dance Club Scene

Hugely popular with DJs, the Chauvet & Sons LED Stage Luminaries, certified by MET for NRTL* product safety, pump up dance clubs throughout North America with dazzling LED light shows.
Watch the video

* tested to: UL 1573 & CSA C22.2 No:166: Stage & Studio Luminaires
More about MET's Product Safety Certification Services.

International Scene

SIQ, a Slovenian Test Lab, Earns Special Privileges

Visit our Partner Lab page
  SIQ, Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology, a MET partner lab, can now perform testing to UL 22 (Amusement and Gaming Machines) without having to be witnessed by MET.
MET welcomes any established test labs wishing to become a partner or a CBTL (CB Testing Laboratory) under the MET NCB.

Roland Gutzky Opening European Business Office
MET is opening an office in Milan, Italy, managed by Roland Gutzky. Roland, transferring from MET Labs Austin, is strengthening MET's relationship with European based customers and lab partners.

Contact Roland:

Compliance College: Upcoming Seminar/Webinars
May 15   E-Mark & e-Mark Automotive EMC Testing for Europe Webinar
May 17   Medical Device Regulatory Compliance Seminar
Austin, TX
May 31   MIL-STD Testing Seminar
Baltimore, MD
June 14   MIL-STD Testing Seminar
Santa Clara, CA
June 19   Lightning Testing for RTCA/DO-160, MIL-STD 461 & MIL-STD-464 Webinar
  Using the CB Scheme to Access the World Marketplace Webinar
July 17   Hazardous Location Product Safety Testing Seminar
Houston, TX
July 19   Electromagnetic Compatibility Design & Troubleshooting Seminar
Newark, CA
  HALT: Testing Outside of Normal Limits Webinar
Sept 13   Annual Global Product Compliance Seminar & Crab Feast
Baltimore, MD
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