Verizon NEBS Testing

Verizon will only accept test reports from laboratories it has audited and approved under one of its recognition programs. MET is accredited by Verizon to do these NEBS tests in Baltimore, Maryland, and in Santa Clara and Union City, California:

  • GR-63-CORE
  • GR-487-CORE
  • GR-1089-CORE
  • GR-3108-CORE

T.E.E.E.R Certification

MET is a recognized Verizon ITL that is certified to conduct energy efficiency testing on telecom products purchased by Verizon. MET evaluates NEBS products to the VZ.TPR.9205 document to generate a Telecommunication Equipment Energy Efficiency Rating (T.E.E.E.R).

The products that require TEEER testing include:

  • AC- and DC-Powered Equipment
  • Customer Premise Equipment (External Power Adaptors)
  • Data Center Equipment
  • Transport Equipment

Lead-Free Certification

MET is approved by Verizon as an ITL for Qualification Requirements for Printed Board Assemblies Manufactured with Lead-Free Solder to VZTPR document VZ.TPR.9307.

Wireless Testing

MET performs the testing required in the revised Verizon document VZ.TPR.9203 which details wireless requirements by location for testing to GR-63-CORE (environmental simulation), GR-1089-CORE (electromagnetic compatibility and safety), and VZ.TPR.9205 TEEER (energy efficiency).

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