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Product safety is the terminology used to describe the regulations and requirements set down by regulatory bodies to ensure that products sold to consumers do not present hazards or dangers during normal use and expected abuse. In the United States, OHSA accredits Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) to perform product safety testing and evaluations according to regulatory standards to certify products as safe for sale in United States marketplaces.

Why do I need to perform product safety testing?
If you intend to sell products in nearly any potential marketplace, you will need to perform some level of product safety evaluations according to local requirements. Failure to perform and obtain the applicable product safety certifications will prevent you from market eligibility and regional retailers will be unable to accept your product on their shelves.

What do I receive if I pass a product safety evaluation?
If you achieve certification from an NRTL, you will receive documentation of compliance and the ability to use an NRTL certification mark on your product. Documentation of compliance can be provided to retailers in order to get your products on their shelves and the NRTL certification mark must be applied to the exterior of your product to display visible evidence of product certification.