As part of our nationwide locations, MET Laboratories’ Bay Area labs perform a wide range of compliance solutions for regulatory changes and demanding testing procedures put wireless product manufacturers under pressure to adhere to updated market requirements. We help you navigate the complex process of complying with radio performance testing requirements to ensure your wireless & RF products are compliant, compatible, and reliable.

Our global testing capabilities and custom testing solutions utilize the latest technology and automation software to streamline the process; ensuring you meet demanding time-to-market needs. From regulatory requirements and quality assurance to overall performance and safety, our streamlined testing process brings your wireless product from development to end-use efficiency and in accordance with your compliance needs for global markets.

Our Wireless testing capabilities include:

Testing Capabilities

Our end-to-end testing solutions evaluate the performance and quality of your wireless & RF devices, helping you navigate complexities in compliance to ensure market faster access.

FCC/A2LA Testing

Obtaining regulatory approval for wireless products is a complex process. MET is an accredited TCB (Telecommunication Certification Body) by the FCC, providing expert FCC testing and certification.

RFID Testing

From boosting supply chain visibility to increasing inventory accuracy, RFID has become part of everyday life in tickets, labels, access control, and payments. MET is the global leader in RFID testing, helping you ensure your RFID equipment complies with necessary regulations for faster market access.

SAR Testing

Ensure that your wireless products meet Specfic Absorption Rate standards. MET Labs has the accreditations and experience to efficiently and cost-effectively perform Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Testing up to 6GHz for the United States, Canada & Europe.