About this Seminar

Helping you understand key market access requirements and latest regulatory changes needed to expand your product’s reach into global markets.

Manufacturers, supplies, retailers, are challenged to ensure that their products meet the necessary requirement for access into global markets. With constantly changing requirements and the absence of harmonized standards, you need to be aware of the regulations for each country/market you want to access.

This Global Market Access Sip & Learn will teach you best practices in achieving market entry quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. You’ll gain insights into regulatory requirements, documentation, application guidelines, key product categories, and marking requirements in key markets for product safety and wireless approvals of IT, Multimedia, Wireless, and IoT products.

MET’s Global Market Access and Wireless compliance experts will help you understand necessary compliance requirements and latest regulatory changes needed to expand your product’s access to global markets.

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What You’ll Learn

Global Market Access: Product approvals for international markets
Each country has its own rules and regulations that dictate what requirements apply to products along with how product compliance must be demonstrated. In this presentation, you’ll get an overview of general requirements for global market access and key considerations when certifying to multiple markets. Topics include: Required documentation, Product sample requirements, In-country testing, Factory inspections, Language requirements, and Local representation.

Overview of the IECEE CB Scheme
The CB Scheme is an international scheme operated by the IECEE and was designed to support a global marketplace by eliminating barriers to international trade. It relies on mutual recognition of national certification bodies (NCBs) and the use of harmonized standards. In this presentation, you’ll get insights into participating in the CB Scheme with topics including: Applying for a CB Test Certificate – The Investigation Process; Most-Used/Harmonized Categories; CB Reports; and Test Certificates.

Wireless & RF Certification: Global Type Approvals
The wireless & IoT device industry is rapidly evolving as wireless functionality continues to be added to traditonally non-wireless products. Global radio type approvals can be complex as almost all countries have mandatory certification systems in relation to radio requirements. This presentation will give you the latest information on global radio regulations with topics including: Regulatory bodies for major wireless economies; Marking requirements; and Obtaining certifications for multiple countries.

About the Presenters

John O’Donnell – Program Manager
John is the Program Manager for MET’s Third-Party Test Data and Global Market Access Programs. John has a B.S. in Business Administration from Towson University. John currently manages MET’s acceptance of Data, and CB Scheme Recognition for US and Canadian Certifications while working with MET’s clients to gain access to other Economies. John joined MET Laboratories, Inc. in 2006 as a Quality Administrator. John has gained extensive knowledge of Certification/Approval schemes while working under MET’s Certification Body and working with other Certification Bodies throughout the world

Clifford Clarke – Wireless Services Manager
With over 33 years of experience, Clifford Clarke brings extensive experience in electronic design, project management, EMC compliance, RF, and wireless testing/certification. His past roles included working as a senior compliance engineer for Silver Spring Networks and Brocade, as well as operating his own compliance consultation company. Clifford serves as the Wireless Laboratory Manager for MET’s California Wireless lab along with leading the national development of MET’s wireless services.