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FCC Part 95 Updates

As radio devices have expanded their functionality and purpose, so have the standards that govern how they may be used. As of May 19, 2017, the FCC has adopted a series of reforms to improve the accessibility and relevance of FCC Part 95 to modern Personal Radio Services.

What is FCC Part 95?
FCC Part 95 determines personal telecommunication requirements for Personal Radio Services. FCC Part 95 has both general requirements for all personal Radio Services and category specific requirements based on device classification.

What are Personal Radio Services?
Devices classified as Personal Radio Services (PRS) use low-power transmitters that communicate through a shared spectrum and may be operated without a license. Originally, Personal Radio Services referred to mobile voice communication for individuals and radio control devices for model aircraft. Today, Part 95 includes 11 communication services, which operate devices that perform functions in a variety of industries.

What are the major reforms?
The major changes include GMRS/FRS reforms, which expand digital capabilities for GMRS and increase power to FRS channels in order to facilitate longer range communication. There are also updates to the Citizens Band (CB) rules that eliminate outdated requirements, such as labeling requirements, exclusion of hands-free devices and limitations of channel usage. Other updates to FCC Part 95 include the removal of outdated rules and improved clarity in the writing of the standard.

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61010 3rd Edition Critical Updates

Since the release of the 3rd Edition, there have been varying interpretations regarding if and when a Risk Assessment is a requirement or merely an option. The disagreements have occurred between different Certification Bodies, between test houses and manufacturers, and even within specific discrete entities.

Given this previous uncertainty and the possibility of inconsistently imposed requirements, MET Laboratories performed an in-depth review of the requirements of the standard. The goal of this review was to develop a defined position regarding 61010-1 3rd Edition Risk Assessment requirements, to better meet our customers’ expectations of consistent interpretations across all of our Safety Laboratories.

  • When human interaction with the equipment is required
  • For equipment with displays, indicators, controls or terminals
  • For equipment with moving parts that exceed limits set in Clauses 7.3.4 and 7.3.5
  • For equipment with an energy protection level below 5J

MET Laboratories anticipates that most 61010-1 3rd Edition projects will at least meet either or both of the first two items, and thus Risk Assessments will need to be performed and submitted with the project.

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New Equipment & Scope Expansions

MET has recently made a number of scope expansions and equipment additions to offer you more diversified testing solutions.

As of September 13, 2017, OSHA has formally given notice of MET’s scope expansions for UL 2108: Low voltage lighting systems, UL 61010-2-081: Safety requirements for automatic and semi-automatic laboratory equipment, and UL 61010-2-91: Safety requirements for cabinet x-ray systems.

OSHA is adding UL 61010-2-081 and UL 61010-2-91 to their scope of standards they will require NRTL certification for. Currently, MET is the only test lab with the scope to test to UL 61010-2-081 and UL 61010-2-91. To learn more details on MET’s recent scope expansions issued by the OSHA click here.

MET’s equipment expansions include:

  • New Seismic Shaker Table – MET Union City can now offer a range of testing using electro-dynamic shakers for seismic, shock and vibration testing up to 50,000 in-lbf.
  • New Ozone Chamber – MET HQ can now offer testing to ASTM D1171 – Standard Test Method for Rubber Deterioration, to estimate the ability of your product to withstand the effects of weathering or atmosphere exposure under controlled amounts of ozone.
  • New Explosion Proof Chamber – MET Austin can offer testing to ensure any ignition or fire from inside the equipment is contained within the equipment to guarantee that under no circumstances will equipment emit energy that spreads outside causing an explosion.

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North American Product Safety Webinar

An in-depth overview of the NRTL program and North American Certification Process with critical insights into US and Canadian regulatory requirements, UL Standards, Third-party verification, and Third-party Factory Inspections from MET’s product safety testing experts.



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