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A-Test Compliance Services, an ILAC-CNAS accredited testing lab in China, providing professional testing for electrical and electronic products, and registered by China Energy Label Center as the third party testing lab.

A-Test is headquartered in Beijing, also providing the consulting services for the relative Chinese regulatory compliance including but not limited to China Compulsory Certification, State Radio Regulation Committee approval, Network device Access License, State Food and Drug Administration registration. See also A-Test Compliance Services

  BSI/Great Britain

The British Standards Institution, an independent organization established more than 100 years ago, has extensive experience in the creation and implementation of a wide variety of standards, both in the UK and globally.  See also Great Britain Electrical Testing.


In Japan, Cosmos provides conformity assessment services for electrical components and appliances for domestic and international standards.  Cosmos is a CB laboratory under the IECEE CB Scheme in these categories: A/V equipment, household electronic apparatus, and IT equipment.

Cosmos is authorized under Japanese acts for Medical Devices, Radio Equipment, and Telecommunications.  Cosmos can also perform conformity testing for electrical appliances subject to Electrical Appliances & Materials Safety Law of Japan and is an Accredited Calibration Laboratory under JCSS. See also Japan Electrical Testing.

  CTI: Centre Testing International Corporation

Centre Testing International Corporation is China’s leading product testing, inspection, certification, and consulting firm. Providing comprehensive services for virtually all consumer products, CTI ensures quality and enables companies to sell their products to markets worldwide. CTI, a publicly traded company on the Chinese Stock Exchange, performs product testing on industries not limited to: electrical and electronic products, toys, footwear, textiles, leather, automobiles, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

CTI is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and possesses over 30 branches in mainland China alone. Moreover, CTI possesses branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Germany and North America to respond to the needs of a global economy.


DEKRA is one of the world's leading expert organizations. The company currently runs activities in more than 50 countries. Around 25,000 employees are committed to ensuring long-term safety, quality and environmental protection. The DEKRA Business Units "Automotive", "Industrial" and "Personnel" provide professional and innovative services in the fields of vehicle inspections, expert appraisals, international claims management, consulting, industrial testing, product testing, certification, environmental protection, qualification, temporary work as well as out- and new placement.


EMC Research Institute (ERI)/Korea 

ERI was established as a non-profit organization and is accredited by the Korean government to help small and mid-sized companies resolve technical issues so as to export their products to overseas markets, including North America. 
ERI testing supports KC certification, which guarantees the safety of the electrical & electronic products sold in Korea with the KC Mark. MET Laboratories and ERI have signed an MoU, with mutual recognition of the CB reports issued by both parties.
North America customers will gain access to the Korea market by obtaining the KC Mark through the CB Services of MET Labs.  See also Korea Electrical Testing.


emitel, located in the Futian District of Shenzhen, China, is a multinational company specializing in product testing, designing, and technological support and consulting services relating to all areas related to EMC, Safety, Telecommunications and approvals.   


The Eurofins Group provides testing, certification, and consulting on the quality and safety of products to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our expertise encompasses a multitude of national and international specifications and regulations. The Group applies the highest technical standard to ensure impartial testing and independent judgment.


GUANGZHOU GRG METROLOGY&TEST CO., LTD. (GRGT) was established in 1964,the company is currently one of the fastest developing , the most competitive and the strongest comprehensive technical capacity third-party metrology and testing institutions .The services include instrument calibration, products safety testing and certification, environment Monitoring, environmental & reliability, EMC testing, chemical analysis, technical consultation and training services and so on, cover multiple markets including commercial, industrial, military, home appliance, automobile, etc.

  Hermon Labs/Israel

Since 1987, Hermon Laboratories has been a leading provider in Israel of EMC, product safety, telecom, environmental testing and worldwide certification services. Hermon Laboratories offers a wide range
of services including EMC, Radio, Product Safety, Telecom and Environmental accommodating multiple markets including commercial, industrial, military, medical, home appliances and security. Hermon Laboratories is accredited for ISO/IEC 17025. Founded by the late Dr. Edward Usoskin, Hermon Laboratories was the first independent compliance testing facility established in Israel.See also Israel Electrical Testing.

  Hi Physix Laboratory India Private Limited (HPLI)/India

HPLI has been established with an objective to provide the best quality of calibration and testing services using well equipped infrastructure with the help of highly qualified technical personnel.  The lab was inaugurated by Honourable Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India. 

HPLI is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Department of Science & Technology, Government of India as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005. NABL ensures international acceptability of the testing and calibration results. The laboratory is also recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.  HPLI headquarter is established in New Delhi, National Capital Territory of India and the Laboratory is located at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

  IMQ Group

The IMQ Group is Italy's leading organization in conformity assessment (certifications, tests, verifications and inspections). The IMQ Group of companies has more than 50 years of experience and a complete range of services.The IMQ Group operates in numerous sectors, from the electro-technical and electronics industries to telecommunications, the automotive industry, the gas sector, plant engineering, construction products and the food and agricultural industry. The IMQ group can provide general or targeted services for each product category, based on needs. See also IMQ Iberica

     IMQ Iberica, S.L.

IMQ Iberica  is part of the IMQ group. With offices in Madrid and Barcelona, IMQ Iberica is responsible for the entire Spanish territory, including Portugal and South America. IMQ Iberica offers all the services available in IMQ Group like certification of management systems and also product certification.


The IVAC group was established in May 1995 to develop certification activities. It’s composed of three companies, all of them from the processes and products conformity assessment field, for developing activities of certification, inspection, analysis and testing. It’s accredited by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC). IVAC also provides load inspections for exportation, technical assistance to obtain the certificate of "Authorized Economic Operator", and technical assistance for CE marking. IVAC is the first certification in Spain to be accredited with the new ISO 17021.

  Korea Institute of Machinery and Material (KIMM)

KIMM was established in 1976, by the Korean government to develop source technologies for the implementation of the national agenda and to promote new growth engines. The RAC department provides reliability engineering life test programs to estimate the life of equipment within the Korean industrial sector designated as machinery and materials. KIMM’s RAC focuses particularly on the assessment of equipment life and the administrating the Korean RM as authorized by the Ministry of Commerce. See also Korea Electrical Testing.


Korea Testing Certification/Korea

KTC  is accredited as a Certification Body Testing Laboratory (CBTL) and National Certification Body (NCB) from IECEE in the field of LlTE, HOUS, TRON, OFF and EMC. MET Laboratories and Korea Testing Certification (KTC) signed an MoU. There will be mutual recognition of the CB reports issued by both parties. This will allow Korea-based manufacturers requiring safety certifications for North America to gain it locally through working with KTL. North American-based customers can now attain market access in Korea by working with MET to gain the KC mark, which is a mandatory safety and EMC mark for Korea. See also Korea Electrical Testing.


Korea Testing Lab/Korea

As an official body named by the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, KTL helps to ensure that imported products comply with international standards and with Korean legislation on safety. MET Laboratories and Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) signed an MoU. There will be mutual recognition of the CB reports issued by both parties. This will allow Korea-based manufacturers requiring safety certifications for North America to gain it locally through working with KTL. North American-based customers can now attain market access in Korea by working with MET to gain the KC mark, which is a mandatory safety and EMC mark for Korea. See also Korea Electrical Testing.

  LCIE Bureau Veritas

LCIE BUREAU VERITAS offers a wide range of services including testing, certification, inspections and audits, assistance and expertise, training. Areas of intervention are electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and radio frequency, potentially explosive atmospheres , environmental testing, sustainable development.
LCIE Bureau Veritas serves the following industries ; Consumer products, IT and Telecommunications, Aeronautics – Defense, Automotive and Rail, Industrial equipment, Energy and systems, Medical devices.



NCC is a National Certification Body accredited by INMETRO and Designated organization by ANATEL and DENATRAN. Responsible for the technical conformity assessment of products and services according the Brazilian regulatory standards and currently amendments, official resolutions, based on established directives of ABNT ISO/IEC guide 65 and ABNT/ISO IEC 17021, with responsibility, impartial and objective analysis.


SIQ - Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology

SIQ was founded in 1992 as the successor of the Institute of Quality and Metrology (IKM). SIQ is an EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing and calibration laboratory, a type-A inspection body according to EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard; a product certification body according to the EN 45011 standard; and an EN ISO/IEC 17021 management systems certification body.


TRaC Global/Great Britain

TRaC is a European partner for MET, offering testing, regulatory and compliance services to a range of European directives for the CE Mark and safety testing for the MET Mark.  TRaC offers testing, validation and certification for electromagnetic compatibility, environmental, telecom, safety, radio and wireless, supported by computational analysis and global approvals.  TRaC is accredited as a National Certification Body (NCB), Certification Body Test Laboratory (CBTL) under the IECEE CB scheme, EX Certification Body (ExCB) under the IEC Ex scheme, and a Notified Body for the ATEX Directive.  See also Great Britain Electrical Testing.



ING is an Italian independent organization offering testing, verification and inspections services for electronic, medical, information technology, industrial and consumer products.

Thanks to its qualified laboratory and experienced staff, TESTING provides full assistance to foreign manufacturers who market their products in Europe.TESTING assists in getting these companies the CE marking and all other international certification marks, granting the quality of the devices and the safety for users worldwide.

TESTING has been also qualified by MET to locally perform Field Evaluations.


     VDE Testing and Certification Institute

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute is an independent institution which is nationally and internationally accredited. It is responsible for testing and certifying the safety and performance of electrotechnical products, components and systems for consumers and the general public by applying the highest standards of quality.

Since 1920, the VDE Mark has stood for safety and quality in electrical and information technologies. The Institute’s independent test engineers subject more than 100,000 electric and electronic products a year to rigorous tests before affixing the VDE Mark. VDE experts supervise over 7,000 manufacturing plants throughout the world. Cooperation agreements with more than 50 countries ensure that the inspections conducted by the VDE Institute are internationally recognized. More than 200,000 product families and well over a million individual products worldwide carry VDE certification marks.

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