Wheelchair Testing

Electric and Mechanical

MET Labs has been testing wheelchairs for safety, performance and EMC for over a decade.  As an independent, third-party testing laboratory, MET puts its substantial skills and resources to work in the performance and comparative testing of your electric wheelchair or scooter. MET provides:

  • ANSI/RESNA TestingANSI/RESNA Testing by MET Labs
    • EMC testing per CISPR11
    • Static stability
    • Dynamic stability
    • Brake effectiveness
    • Environmental simulation
    • Acceleration
    • Obstacle climbing
    • Power and control system tests
  • Safety, Performance and EMC testing to EN 12184 for electrical wheelchairs
  • Safety and Performance testing to EN 12183 for mechanical wheelchairs
  • Full range of performance tests to many FDA Guidance Documents and AAMI standards
  • Full range of outdoor environmental testing
  • Full range of performance testing including functionality, energy efficiency, durability, reliability, and more

MET Labs is fully capable of testing to the full range of EMC testing per CISPR11 so as to meet the ANSI/RESNA mandate that "Electric powered wheelchairs should operate without introducing significant electromagnetic disturbance to the environment and should operate without significant degradation of operational performance in the presence of electromagnetic disturbances that can be expected use."

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Some of MET's Wheelchair Testing customers:

Innovation in Motion
JCM Seating Solutions

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