Electricity Meter Testing

MET Labs is North America's #1 Meter Testing Laboratory, we can ensure that your meters are safe and reliable because we have more watthour and smart meter testing experience than anyone else. 

Under one roof, MET Labs provides:

  • The Complete Range of ANSI C12 Accuracy Testing: ANSI C12.1 & C12.20Batch Meter testing
  • US and Canadian Product Safety Certification: UL 61010, UL 2735 & UL 916
  • Mexico Federal Commission CFE: GWH00-09, GWH00-78, G0100-05 & G0000-48
  • ANSI/IEEE Lightning Surge Testing
  • EMC Testing Per FCC
  • Measurement Canada Certification (LMB-EG-07) Requirements
  • International approvals: IEC 62052-11, 62053-21, 62053-22, 62053-23
  • European:  EN 50470-3, 50470-1
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing of Licensed and Unlicensed Wireless Components and Devices
  • ESD Testing & European EN Surge Testing
  • Environmental Solar Testing of meter domes, including Xenon-Arc Testing
  • Current Transformer Testing: IEEE C57.13, IEC 60044-1 & IEC 61869-2
  • Customized Test Programs for both utilities and manufacturers
  • Energy revenue metering
  • Submetering
  • General Meter Testing for Electricity, Gas and Water Meters
    • Accuracy
    • Enclosure
    • Wireless
    • Weathering
    • Aging 
    • Solar
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MET’s Unparalleled Experience

MET Labs maintains an impressive list of meter testing accreditations and experience:

  • First OSHA-licensed Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and is the leading meter testing and certification laboratory in the US
  • Only company recognized by Measurement Canada to test electricity meters
  • Approved by the Public Service Commission of Maryland to act as a electricity submeter testing laboratory
  • Voting member in ANSI C12 Main committee
  • Voting member in NIST's Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Testing & Certification Committee (SGTCC) 
  • TCB (Telecommunications Certification Body) for FCC
  • A2LA-accredited
  • RF test facility for US, Canadian and international wireless standards
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Some of MET’s Meter Testing customers:


"I have worked with MET Laboratories on various projects concerning electricity meters over a period of -- more years than I care to remember!  During this time, I have always been extremely satisfied with the testing services that MET Labs offers.  It is always pleasant to return to MET Labs knowing that the product will be diligently tested to the requirements.  With the diverse set of test facilities and accreditations that MET Laboratories has, accompanied by a friendly and professional staff, I would feel most comfortable in approaching them with any product I had for them to certify."
Stuart Bright
, Regulatory Approvals Manager
Echelon Corporation
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