EPCIS Validation Portal

EPCIS VP provides a fast and simple way to visualize the data content and format of your EPCIS XML events.

There are 68 tests performed on each event to verify adherence to:EPCIS VP report

  • The EPCIS specification
  • EPC Tag Data Standards
  • EPCIS Core Business Vocabulary (CBV)

There are two types of validation offered:

  • Basic- fundamental validation of data's compliance to EPCIS standards
  • CBC- basic validation plus event content analysis based on CBV

Key Features

EPCIS VP provides comprehensive on-line help:

  • Users create and manage their own account
  • Pay by credit card
  • Execute multiple tasks
  • Secure, 24/7 availability
  • Tests results are saved
  • Tests results can be printed in PDF
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Additional support provided

Start using the EPCIS Validation Portal.


The portal can accommodate a file size of 10MB or 15,000 events per test. The EPCIS events can be tested in one of two ways:

  • Users upload their EPCIS event files and execute a test.
  • Users connect their EPCIS server to the EPCIS VP server and push event data. This is the same way EPCIS servers will be responding to EPCIS queries from other EPCIS servers. Therefore, the added advantage is that users will know that they can exchange data with their trading partners.


The tool provides two comprehensive reports that assist both implementers and management.EPCIS VP Portal Reports

Detailed Analysis of each event's records:

  • Each error in the event is flagged
  • Errors are grouped by categories
  • Online examples of correct implementations are provided for each error

Summary Report with easy to use information on:

  • What types of events have been used
  • Location analysis
  • Vocabulary usage analysis
  • EPC key analysis
  • Extension fields analysis

This information helps management assess their ECPIS implementation and is valuable even if no data errors are found.

Start using the EPCIS Validation Portal.

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