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The Better Service Alternative to UL

Over 25 years ago, MET Laboratories broke the UL monopoly for product safety testing and certification in the United States. 

Today, MET is the service leader for product safety approvals - not just in North America, but globally.  MET has the accreditationsfacilities and experience to get your products approved and to market faster.

MET is qualified to NRTL certify products in over 180 UL Standard categories and can test to an additional 230+ standards for the U.S. market.  For Canada, MET maintains a wide scope of SCC accreditation.  We also offer expert third-party testing to almost any product safety standard for the European Union or Asia Pacific.

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Save time and money by bundling our services. MET is the preferred one-stop-shop for EMC, environmental, and safety testing and certification.

MET-accredited categories include consumer productsinformation technology and telecommunications products including NEBS equipment, medical devices, and equipment designed for hazardous locations.



MET is sensitive to the manufacturer's need to minimize time to market. Our compliance engineers are customer oriented and will keep an open line of communication with you to prevent unnecessary delays.

Our service to our product safety customers includes:

Manufacturers who perform their own product safety certification testing in-house, or who enjoy the convenience of using a local test lab, should consider partnering with MET Labs. MET is OSHA accredited to accept and certify test data generated by sources considered "non-independent." These alternative sources of testing can be folded within the MET process for NRTL certification. This partnership could expand from accepting test data to acceptance of a manufacturer's or their local non-NRTL test lab's product certification. Contact a MET account manager to learn more.

MET Labs - The First NRTL

In the 1970s and 1980s, MET made headlines by challenging UL's dominance of product safety certification. In 1989, MET's efforts were rewarded by the Federal government by becoming the first Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) in the United States.

As the first NRTL, MET was the first lab to provide manufacturers and electrical inspectors with a viable alternative for product safety certification. Today, MET continues to be a leader in testing and certifying to national and international standards, and offering cost-effective and timely solutions to compliance problems.

MET Laboratories is the better UL alternative. For a complete listing of standards to which MET tests and certifies under the NRTL program, visit MET's scope on OSHA's website.

The MET Mark

The MET Mark for product safety is accepted throughout the United States and Canada.

MET Product Safety Certification LogoOur NRTL designation means the MET Mark is acceptable under Federal law for products used in workplaces throughout the United States. In addition, the MET Mark has also been approved by states, cities, counties, and other jurisdictions nationwide that maintain their own standards for product certification. MET is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for approval throughout Canada.

The MET Mark indicates to consumers, OSHA inspectors, local electrical inspectors, and purchasing agents that the product complies with the applicable UL or CSA standard. The MET Mark eliminates any questions about the product's acceptability.

Convert your existing NRTL listings to MET.  Learn of the benefits of switching to MET. Some restrictions apply. Talk to a sales representative for details: 410.354.3300

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Some of MET's Product Safety customers:


 We really enjoyed visiting your facility.  We were impressed by the way your engineers listened and understood our position. If this had been any other NRTL, I seriously doubt that we would have even had the opportunity to present our claim to anyone, let alone to lead engineers of each department involved.

As always, the folks at MET Labs made us feel comfortable. They were never confronting or adversarial. We truly felt like we were meeting with members of our own company or even our own "family."

I’m certain that when the word gets out to manufacturers around the world who don’t yet know MET Labs,  it will be “THE” Major Testing Laboratory on the worldwide list of testing labs.

Dennis Karol
, Production Supervisor & QMS Implementer
Macan Manufacturing Company

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