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Wi-Fi 802.11

The first Wi-Fi certification was announced in 2000. Since then, thousands of products have achieved the certification to continually ensure interoperability and customer satisfaction.  The why behind getting certified is simple: a certification benefits all major stakeholders associated with a product. From designers and manufacturers to customers and retailers, a Wi-Fi certification is the mark... Read More


Safety and reliability are paramount in the military industry. Manufacturers face stringent regulation in performance, quality and reliability. MET’s suite of military testing & certification services help your products comply to the complex standards they need to be safe, strong, and fit to go to market. Read More

SEMA Show 2016

Achieving product excellence can be hard. MET's suite of automotive testing & certification services helps your products meet the standards they need to be safe, strong, and compliant to go to market. Read More

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6 Steps to Successful FCC Testing & Certification of Electrical Products

Electrical/electronic equipment manufacturers planning to sell their products in the United States must ensure that their equipment won’t electromagnetically interfere with other products or cause harm to the public.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees and enforces this requirement, per Title 47 of CFR. Most products that can emit radio frequency energy need to be... Read More