Almost all countries have mandatory certification systems in place for radio requirements. If you intend to sell your wireless or radio device in multiple countries, it is critical to consider all country-specific requirements, standards and regulations that must be met to demonstrate compliance for type approval and market acceptance.

MET is uniquely positioned to provide international type approval services for your wireless & RF devices for major world markets. As a TCB for the FCC, a CB for ISED (formally Industry Canada), and a notified body under the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), we can provide a full suite of market access solutions including standard evaluations, pre-compliance testing, certification testing & documentation, and regulatory body liaison services.

With locations worldwide and a network of international partners, our end-to-end testing and certification solutions help you identify your product’s regulatory requirements, determine if it requires approval, and evaluate it to the applicable country-specific standards for global market access.


Related Accreditations:
  • FCC – Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB)
  • FCC – Designated Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) Lab
  • Industry Canada – Radio and Terminal Equipment
  • Australia ACMA – National Voluntary Australian Communications Authority
  • EU Notified Body -RED Directive
  • A2LA – ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • Japan VCCI – IT and Telecom Equipment
  • Korea KCC – Radio Research Agency (RRA)
  • Vietnam MIC – MRA Recognized Lab
  • Taiwan BSMI – EMC Testing
  • EPCglobal Inc. – Official Test lab for hardware/software certification
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Wireless & RF Testing

Our end-to-end testing solutions evaluate your wireless products, helping you ensure that they meet demonstrate compliance to wireless & RF type approval requirements for faster market access.

FCC Compliance Testing

Obtaining regulatory approval for wireless products is a complex process. MET is an accredited TCB (Telecommunication Certification Body) by the FCC, providing expert FCC testing and certification.

RFID Testing

RFID has become part of everyday life in tickets, labels, access control, and payments. MET is the global leader in RFID testing, helping you ensure your RFID equipment complies with necessary regulations for faster market access.

Global Market Access

MET’s streamlined testing solutions and network of international partners help guide you through standards set by international regulatory bodies to ultimately gain market acceptance for intended countries of sale.